Managed Data Backup

data illustrationWe offer secure offsite data protection, reliable data backup service and support and economical pricing, plans, contracts to meet your data backup needs.

Our disaster recovery plan includes a dedicated offsite server archiving multiple versions of your data files.Our SQL Mirror Servers maintain a warm standby of up to the moment data transactions. KB Technical recognizes software is a major tool for every industry.  As such, certain steps need to be taken to protect our investment and ensure maximum continuity of function in the event of a disaster. This plan provides an overview of the steps necessary to protect this important part of our business.

Why Choose KB Technical?

  • Business Functionality – Your custom plan will outline procedures to restore critical business functionality related to your core Server environment as fast as possible in the event of a disruption.
  • Insurance and Compliance Benefits – Many insurance plans, compliance organizations, acquisition processes, and other business events stipulate a documented business continuity plan.
  • Peace of Mind – Having documented processes, prepared information and business risks identified in advance will greatly reduce the unknowns associated with any business disruption.
  • Risk Identification – We identify risks and single points of failure which can be mitigated in advance to reduce the potential for business outages before they occur.
  • Standardization of Procedure – The fully documented Disaster Recovery Plan represents a standard set of procedures that can be implemented by any technically-skilled individual.