Network Management

network illustrationNetworks and computer systems are valuable assets to your company, so for your technology needs, contact KB Technical in New Jersey and let us help you. We provide initial network setup, redesign network services, network security implementation, and computer consultant services, as well as a variety of computer maintenance and service options. 

We understand each company has unique requirements and therefore we work with you to personalize your network setup, keeping in mind the demands on the network and the budget for your computer systems and network. As your New Jersey computer consultants, you can count on KB Technical to provide the best business computing support services. ‘

Our system administrators manage your systems and perform the daily checks needed to minimize potential risks. Whether a little or a lot of support, our solutions provide the right level of service for your company.

KB Technical can:

  • Discover Windows, Mac and Linux PCs
  • Download software, patches and services
  • Track licensing, service tags and locations
  • Generate a variety of inventory reports
  • Store network data locally and securely